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  1. I appreciate you Collin and you quickness to reply and explain the issues at hand. I love the plane and thats the only reason for my mild frustration. Keep up the good work! I never would have thought TFDI would become what it has. You're doing a bang up job.
  2. I honestly Dont know what is causing my CTD. I have posted in the Forums before and it was removed because....??? idk... From what I read in that post, the solution was disabling trueglass and truerain or whatever the heck it was. Being a loyal supporter of literally all your products I would just hope this would be a priority rather than tasking up a WHOLE new plane (MD-11) It might serve you as a business to complete one thing, move to the next.
  3. Amen brother!! Thats all im saying...
  4. So...I could be mistaken... But the lack of V5 support is really starting to get me to regret my purchase.... How does FSLabs, or maybe its the Q400. Use Trueglass, and whatever the other one is perfectly fine without CTD but this damn 717 just CANNOT be fixed? Kinda getting lame. Saw some fixes but then they were removed...
  5. Been waiting six months since the release of the beta of v5, and still no update. The plane is practically unflyable unless I fly it in the middle of nowhere.... I think the MD11 is cool but can we get a v5 compat update first?!
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