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  1. COR1

    AT LAST!!

    So happy that there's finally going to be a more fully-featured MD-11!
  2. COR1

    FMS functionality

    I was shocked about how much was missing from the FMS when I was slowly getting back into the 717, seeing as I was under the impression that everything was modelled. Although the 717 is still awesome, it's missing many key features from the FMS, and with the MD-11, many of those features are especially going to be important for long hauls, along with CPDLC and ACARS. Leonardo SH did an excellent job with the FMS on their MD-80 - even I was surprised about the inclusion of ACARS, despite them having yet to incorporate the Hoppie platform. I only hope these features get added onto the MD-11, and
  3. COR1

    Hoppies ACARS/CPDLC

    That definitely needs to happen, seeing as both major networks have pretty much conceded that Hoppie's CPDLC platform should become the standard, and one developer has already integrated it into their Airbuses. Given the fact that CPDLC is now becoming a requirement in real life, having more people onboard would definitely give Hoppie's CPDLC platform the much needed boost it deserves.
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