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  1. Hi doorstep, To me , MS2020 is a great PR so far...as of now, i didn't saw a single video showing something outside the oldest clichés of fsx at that time, like big cities in asia, africa, asia.... It's only more candy and enjoying all the advances made by others ( P3D, XP,64 bits executable, AS,REX, ORBX, UT, LIVE, GSX L2,....)...and , i admit , a kind of a plus. If you are very critical, you will understand that the product doesn't seems to be ready for market. As simmers , of course, we certainly enjoy the move made by MS2020...but it introduces
  2. Hi Fabio, This is great news for the community ! Just can't wait for this to happen ☺️ Thanks Tfdi 👍👍👍👍
  3. Hi, I wonder about the OS specifications required for the forth coming MD11. As of now , many of us are still on win7 ...and in fact , if you take a look on the market , you will realize that there are only a few aircraft ( 3 , 4 or 5) running only on win10. So , on a commercial point of view , do you think of a Minimum OS specification , meaning win7 compatibility ? For me , rolling to win10 means a new rig ! Not really keen to do that...didn't get the advantages of win10 over win7 in regard of the core needs of flight simulation. It costs also a lot to pay
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