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Community Answers

  1. We currently do not have custom panel state saving in the 717. We only have 3 panel states that are predefined, so anything saved by FSUIPC or the save flight menu will not save the panel state.
  2. Yes, the update will be released for Orbx, and we in fact have already requested them to push it out. We are just waiting on Orbx's side to do the rest.
  3. We're working on PACX, smartCARS 3, and the MD-11 simultaneously, the MD-11 has gotten most of the attention due to it's popularity however PACX and SC3 has gotten work done as well. Some tools required to make the soundpacks for more regional variety is still underway, and the logistical process of hiring voice actors and compiling all these files takes some time.
  4. We are only ambiguous with our answers so as to not promise anything we can't do towards the end of development. As far as development goes for now, MSFS is more limited in terms of it's SDK compared to it's P3D counterpart, however when programming externally the possibilities are opened a lot further. One major component to that is the MSFS marketplace, as they do not allow externals to be used in any marketplace product, so until that changes, we may not sell the product on the marketplace so that we are not limited to the SDK only. I cannot directly say if the weather radar has already been implemented, but what I can say is that yes, MSFS's weather radar capabilities are little too limited to be useful enough for us to create an accurate depiction (as is probably well known by now). And there really isn't any weather API (at least not in the traditional sense) however a dedicated weather API is scheduled to be implemented during this year; no specifics were given and we'll just have to see if it comes out before we finish the MD-11.
  5. Did you load the fuel into the aircraft using the add-on manager and did you use values from the tablet? The tablet has ZFW and CG values you can use in the FMS. The "Insufficient fuel" warning means you will have to use the reserve fuel you inputted. On newer aircraft, it's displayed as "USING RSV FUEL" or something similar, however you may get that message because: Reserve fuel is in LBS for imperial, and KGS for metric. If you put the tonnes, it may cause errors as the aircraft is not built to display or accept fuel in tonnes. You need to input the total fuel in LBS or KGS.
  6. Yes, if you read our development update, we have posted some information about PACX. There is no release date at the moment, as it is a very large update.
  7. We cannot post a firm release date at the moment. Yes, we are expecting a tandem release for both P3D and MSFS.
  8. Ensure that you are at the correct destination airport and it corelates to the airport you inputted into the FMS. Otherwise, there shouldn't be any issues with the flightplan depiction on the ND.
  9. You need to make sure you have permissions and make sure the file is not read only.
  10. Regarding this question, there really isn't any plan for PACX to work without FSUIPC, because it is a dependency that we require to more accurately gather data from the simulator. X-Plane, FSX and P3D all also require some Universal Inter Process Communications software anyways, like XPUIPC and FSUIPC6. MSFS is no different, so we will require FSUIPC at this time.
  11. To give some more insight, the .DLL is from Microsoft Office 2016. It could be because of a faulty installation of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable. Try to re-install or repair the Access Database Engine (make sure you use the X64 version).
  12. +1 I'd also like to see this too..!
  13. The low speed protection in the 717 comprises of a stick pusher and increasing throttles to prevent the aircraft from stalling. It activates when the aircraft is close to the "barber pole", in a yellow section of the speed tape. During stall, the aircraft pushes the stick downwards to recover from the stall. The same goes for high speed protection, when nearing overspeed the aircraft reduces throttle. To avoid a low speed protection situation, you just need to make sure your aircraft is fast enough so that there won't be any situation where the speed protection would be activated. There isn't any way to disable the protection.
  14. We are working on an update that adds more languages and voices to PACX. As far as the user interface goes, we might consider adding other languages as well, but at the moment we're focusing on the voices. The files are proprietary to protect the files from being copied and used in other programs, though we may consider adding the ability to create your own voice pack. It is currently too early in the development stage to tell however, as we are developing tools to aid us in developing the next update for PACX. Stay tuned for more updates, as they will come out!
  15. The 717 is EOL (end of life), we do not intend to update it at the moment. We will still provide technical support as well as sell the product, but it will not see any large updates. We are currently working on the MD-11, smartCARS 3, and a PACX update, but once these things start to roll out we will most definitely consider making a newer version of the 717.
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