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  1. arwasairl's post in 717-200 FMS NAV track issues was marked as the answer   
    From watching your videos, the flight looked fine (I've done that flight many times, it's why I wanted you to do it to see if there was any abnormalities).
    The autopilot limits it's bank angle up to 25°. You can manually set the bank angle to be 25° all the time by switching the bank angle selector on the heading knob from AUTO to 25. Unfortunately, you can't change how much the autopilot turns > 25°, as that's by design. 
    I will have to let someone see if their autopilot performs the same as yours with these SIDs.
    Edit: I just flew the MMCT SID myself (KAUA4B), with the same V-Speeds, departure, runway, and went direct to LIDEK after the SID. The aircraft had no problem tracking the route, and it was flying fine. It went through CZA0 and CZA VOR perfectly fine, without cutting randomly. All I can assume at this point, is either a weight difference, or a flightplan oddity. All I can recommend is to try to use a higher altitude restriction, plan your departure AND arrival in the FMC at the ground, then fly. Do not edit the flightplan while flying, as it may cause the aircraft to start a direct. 
    The 717 will not see an update as of now, as the MD-11 is currently being worked on. If you still have problems with the autopilot, please contact TFDi through the support ticket system, and refer to this forum thread.
  2. arwasairl's post in FS2020 have more than 50% CTD with Smartcars was marked as the answer   
    Hi Pr3dator,
    To ensure a more speedy response and elevated support, could you please submit a ticket through the link on my signature?
    We will get back to you once the weekday starts next week.
  3. arwasairl's post in Missing repaint textures 717-200 was marked as the answer   
    Hi, it seems like that particular livery (N920ME) has no issues for me, however, i'm using P3Dv4. The only thing that I can speculate is that the UV maps of the P3Dv3 version is different than the P3Dv4 version. That livery may have been made with the P3Dv4 paintkit, and may not work properly in P3Dv3. @turbofandude Can you confirm this?
    The two extra files are not required for a livery to function properly, it's more of an optional texture map that repainters can use if they want, but is not required. 

    Just to be clear, did you edit any of the texture maps? And does this happen with all custom liveries or just this one?
    I have P3D v3.4 installed, so I'll install the 717 and that livery to see if my suspicions are true. 
    Edit: I just tried it in P3D v3.4, and I have no issues with the livery. 
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