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  1. Thx for the reply. I tried lowering setting in general and had some success but I'll try the Trueglass.dll too and maybe that will let me bump up the settings again. I suspect my GTX 1070 may be the culprit? I'm waiting on availability of a higher vram Nvidia or AMD card too so don't mind waiting until then to really ramp up the settings. As is, even at lower res, this is a wonderful aircraft. I've been doing Island hops with the Coolsky DC-9 out of Orbx Honolulu and am looking forward to doing the same with this. Maybe my card will arrive just as the MD-11 is released?
  2. EDIT: I did the DXDIAG fix so I was able to get it loaded. It completely hosed my P3D settings but when I reset them I have a blurry MCP panel. I take it that by using the Legacy Render there are graphics features I'm not using?
  3. I've been looking forward to this aircraft for P3d V5 for some time. In fact, I bought it on sale at ORBX but returned it before installing when I read about the many memory issues that users were having. When I saw it had been officially updated for P3D V5 I jumped on it. However, I'm now having memory issues out of the box. When I first installed and ran it and received this message: I updated my graphics drivers and now I receive this message: I haven't been following the memory issues closely so I'm not sure if this is progress or not. I don't think it is hardware rel
  4. And just got it on sale at ORBX. The TFDI 717 gods are looking out for me...
  5. Thx for the reply @notdansky. This is sounding positive. I've always wanted this and I'm definitely getting the MD-11 so why not start now lol.
  6. Last update was May 29. Anything new on P3D v5? Is there a consensus that it works? Any large issues? Thx...
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