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  1. The 717 is giving me 100% GPU usage sitting on the ground in fair weather. Its the only aircraft that goes this high. Normally i wouldn't complain but not sure if its normal. Other aircraft are around 25-50%. The other weird thing is dedicated GPU memory is clearly reporting wrong. The value increases like a memory leak but there's no other indication of this. Toggling trueglass, reallight or hardware panel rendering (717 setting) has no effect.
  2. Fixed with latest orbx update, the panel button backlighting is back.
  3. Fixed with latest orbx update with trueglass 1.3.1 (1/4/2021)
  4. The version of trueglass that was installed with the 717 from orbx for V5 (trueglass 1.3?) caused a device hung issue for me. Reverting back to the 1.2 from the discord pin (717-testers) fixed it. Default or legacy renders had no effect.
  5. I have the same issue after installing the 717 for V5 from orbx central. The instrument panel lighting only affects the speed, heading and altitude display. The button backlighting on the mcp is not working as it used to in V4.
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