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  1. Nice aircraft suggested in the poll. I see it like this: - MD-11/MD-10: Would make sense after a B717, would have been perfect years ago. But for the more "real flyers", it's very rare today, and even the cargo planes are slowly replaced. Good for retro flyers though. - CSeries: Nothing to add to what's written above - A350: No doubt it would be a big success, but it should even be more complicated to program than the A320 (which in the past, quite some companies have underestimated) - Well, now that there is an obviously very good MD-80 out of nowhere, I doubt it's worth the development only for the niche MD-90, if there is already a 717 - Embraer E-Jets: Would make perfectly sense to me: Very much needed, very much available in RW, but only available in the shape of a dinosaur FeelThere version from 1850^^ :-p Maybe not quite as complicated than an Airbus (??). But I don't know. Always seemed to me it would have a similar technical standard than the B717. - CRJ: I don't think there is the need for another one after Aerosoft finally got theirs out. Just let them fix their remaining bugs first ;-) - B767: Would of course be nice, too. There was a good one for several years, while there was never a really REALLY good Embraer. - B727: Great for retro flyers, but personally definitely not my cup of tea (anymore). So, I voted for the Embraer. But, hey, I'm only a customer, not a programmer and no businessman ;-)
  2. Absolutely! I wonder why your 717 didn't crop up in the list for "best aircraft". Maybe it wouldn't exactly come to the top of the list, but in my eyes it should definitely be shown among the best aircraft available for P3D.
  3. That's good to hear. I also had this problem with P3D 4.0; strangely after updating to 4.1 there was only 1 single crash of P3D in the 717, and I'm not sure it was really while or because of switching views. But on many many other flights the problem was gone even in 4.1 and I really switched views very often in various situations - it never came up again. And as you should never change a running system, I'm gonna wait for the 4.2 update until something else doesn't work anymore.
  4. DeeJay

    CTD when going back to cockpit

    Dear TFDI team, while I'm a big fan of your 717 in general, I have one very annoying problem that remains: When I change the view to the outside and then back to the cockpit, I often get a CTD - the screen freezes for a few seconds, then the sim just disappears, sometimes with an error message, but in most cases without anything! I've got P3D v4.0 installed. When P3D4 was new, I thought it might be something else, because it also happened in other aircraft. But meanwhile, all the other complex airliners (PMDG and Aerosoft CRJ) run very stable, but only in the 717 I frequently get this problem. It doesn't always happen, but, let's say if you change the view 10x a flight, you've got a very high chance that it happens once and your flight is over. As the TFDI 717 updates itself when opening the TFDI manager, the version shouldn't be an issue. I should always have the newest version of your 717. I've tested this in various scenery environments: It also happens in areas without any addon sceneries and thus seems to be independent from the complexity of the sourrounding area. Always had the newest NVidia driver installed. My system: i5 3570k @ 4,3 GHZ, Geforce GTX 970, 8 GB RAM, 3x SSD 512GB, Win 10 with the newest updates, Prepar3D v4.0.28.21686 Have you got an idea, what could be wrong here? Thanks in advance. Regards, Dominik
  5. DeeJay

    P3DV4 Update today?

    Thanks a lot! It works fine now. Wow, what a wonderful airplane!!
  6. DeeJay

    P3DV4 Update today?

    Hey! I've finally purchased the 717 right now. However my TFDI addon manager gives me no option to install it into P3D4, only P3D3! Might it be possible that my TFDI addon manager is not up to date? If yes, have you got an idea why? It shows v1.1.7.0 P3D4 support has obviously been available for several weeks now. How could I download an outdated file from my new account? Thanks for checking! Regards, Dominik
  7. DeeJay

    OOM near end of every flight

    OK, thanks for clarifying. Yes, I would say P3D v3 is the most stable simulator I've ever had - concerning all previous problems apart from OOM's. And even there v3 has made great efforts in comparison to v2 or to FSX in terms of VAS usage. However I've got the feeling that if you have a simulator installed long enough, OOM's will increasingly happen again without changing any settings. When I first installed P3D3 I thought this would finally be the end of OOM's. Now I get them more often than ever before even though I've lowered all texture resolutions to 512x512. Anything must be wrong there. Or is it really the case that VAS usage gets worse the longer your sim is installed. However it might be, it's not a good motivation to get new addons where this is a critical point. I hope I get those sorted out as I really would love to fly the 717 here in the sim.
  8. DeeJay

    OOM near end of every flight

    It may sound silly, but maybe a "light (vc) texture pack" by the developer would help a bit?? FlyTampa does those lower resolution textures option for their newer sceneries for example to help VAS usage decrease. OOM's still is the biggest problem in FSX/P3D in my opinion and as long as it isn't fixed by P3D themselves (64bit version) developers have to be very careful. I guess in terms of systems there is not much to do about the problem because that would mean a reduction in system depth and of course a lot of work. Maybe such a slight visual "downgrade" would help. At least I personally would rather fly with slightly less sharpened vc textures than always have to fear about an OOM every time I only turn my virtual head around^^ I've never designed an aircraft for FS, but I would guess that this would be the least work while having a good effect on VAS usage. I really would like to fly the 717, but I hesitate to buy it before a potential P3D 64bit because I already have enough VAS problems with the PMDG 737 and 777, the Aerosoft A320,... BTW: Would it have the same effect to lower the max texture resolution to 512x512? I've done that and I still have those problems. Regards, Dominik
  9. DeeJay

    Future Prepar3d licence question

    Dear TFDI team, I'm very impressed by the screenshots and videos of your B717 and I'm sure I will buy it, maybe very soon. But first one question about that: Which versions of Prepar3d will be supported in future? John Venema from ORBX recently has made very direct comments on a 64bit version of P3D (probably a v4) that might come out this year. Now I'm wondering if you already know about that and if you're planning to extend the license for your B717 for any new P3D versions? Or will we have to purchase the plane again for a new (64bit??) version of this platform? I'm just asking because I want to avoid that I purchase it now just to fly it a few months and then purchase it again because of a now P3D version. If the latter was the case, I would wait for that moment. If now, I would buy it soon. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dominik