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  1. I don't know at all. But I really hope for an Embraer jet!! Anything from E170-195, or maybe also a 145. They are such a common view at the airports, but (since the days of FS2004) not to the sim, unfortunately.
  2. Nice aircraft suggested in the poll. I see it like this: - MD-11/MD-10: Would make sense after a B717, would have been perfect years ago. But for the more "real flyers", it's very rare today, and even the cargo planes are slowly replaced. Good for retro flyers though. - CSeries: Nothing to add to what's written above - A350: No doubt it would be a big success, but it should even be more complicated to program than the A320 (which in the past, quite some companies have underestimated) - Well, now that there is an obviously very good MD-80 out of nowhere, I doubt it's worth the development only for the niche MD-90, if there is already a 717 - Embraer E-Jets: Would make perfectly sense to me: Very much needed, very much available in RW, but only available in the shape of a dinosaur FeelThere version from 1850^^ :-p Maybe not quite as complicated than an Airbus (??). But I don't know. Always seemed to me it would have a similar technical standard than the B717. - CRJ: I don't think there is the need for another one after Aerosoft finally got theirs out. Just let them fix their remaining bugs first ;-) - B767: Would of course be nice, too. There was a good one for several years, while there was never a really REALLY good Embraer. - B727: Great for retro flyers, but personally definitely not my cup of tea (anymore). So, I voted for the Embraer. But, hey, I'm only a customer, not a programmer and no businessman ;-)