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  1. Is there a time frame of when SmartCARS 3 will be released?
  2. When will TFDI but releasing a SmartCars compatible with PHPVMS v7?
  3. Yes I am my PHPVMS v7 is ready for SmartCars 3 as well. Any time frame on release?
  4. When will SmartCars V3 be released?
  5. Russell

    PHPVMS 7

    Ok. Is there a time frame for when SmartCars V3 will be released? Thanks.
  6. Russell

    PHPVMS 7

    Will smartcars work with PHPVMS 7? If not, when is the expected time frame for an update? I just purchased smartcars.
  7. Will the current version of SmartCars work in PHP7?