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  1. Our official position on our products is posted at the top of the website with the title "Microsoft Flight Simulator & TFDi Design". Regards,
  2. Would you mind opening a ticket in our support desk so we can further assist you. Thanks! Regards,
  3. We don't have definite answers yet, but when we do, we will communicate them.
  4. Please navigate to **%local appdata%/TFDi Design Addon Manager** folder and delete the install.key file. Then, proceed to uninstall the 717 via the addon manager program. After this, close the addon manager application, re-open it and attempt a reinstallation of the aircraft. Please let me know if the error persists. Regards,
  5. Have you tried reinstalling the simulator to base settings and then installing the aircraft?
  6. Hello! This is from our manual regarding how to arm the VOR. https://prnt.sc/ttvxy4 Have a great day!
  7. Can you please send us a picture of the default livery?
  8. Have you tried clearing your shader cache? Also, what version of Prepar3D are you using? Thanks!
  9. Hello, Would you mind sending us your system information? Regards,
  10. We understand your frustration. Having a simulator open on full screen and having another program open in full screen can sometimes cause issues. I can recommend that you try windowed borderless mode within your simulator. This feature has a lot of benefits.
  11. Open and configure your simulator, then go to the PACX HUD, close out of it. Then reopen it.
  12. Yes! PACX automatically saves your flight records on our server which means you will never loose your flight records!
  13. Have you tried having your simulator fully ready to go then closing and reopening the PACX HUD?
  14. Tyler Syring


    We are hoping to support PACX on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, given the technical capability is present.
  15. This article should be the answer to your problem. It describes your exact error: https://www.arclab.com/en/kb/sql/odbc-driver-access-unable-to-load-odbcji32-dll.html