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  1. I noticed some calculation issues during decent to two (2) different airports LCLK and LGAV. While on top of decent procedure starts normal..After while, a flashing and a continuous change of time of arrival to the next waypoint appears and the plane stop decenting normal.She decent slowly and during approach is very high near airport. I noticed that i have to change altitude and speed to specific waypoints in order to correct somehow the issue...After correction the plane decent as she should but ILS Autolanding and engangement is not possible. After repetition of the specific flights if i adjust Altitude and speed to specific waypoints before start the flight during the fms setup, when the plane reached TOD, the waypoint in FMC stays there like i did not pass from it yet, but, the decent continues normal and the ILS Autolanding system and engangement works normal as well.
  2. Good morning, Could you please advise how to use refuelling system along with GSX? The procedure i followed was when the truck arrived and requested my action i sent the fuel from addon manager to aircraft, but the GSX insisted for my action. Kindly a known setup about this matter would be appreciated.
  3. Thank you very much. It helps a lot. Have a beautiful day
  4. Thank you very much for your good reply. I checked the site and unfortunately gives the same values as the TFDI manual. the specific values that i am looking for are not there.
  5. Good morning, I just purchased the aircraft and tried to create a profile to Simbrief. I found characteristics in the documentation but still missing the following: - MZFW (Max zero fuel weight) - MLW (Max landing weight) Also the passenger weight in lbs would be awesome if someone already has a nice setup of the aircraft. Thank you very much for the attention
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