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While We Wait What Are You Flying?

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I know this will probably get moved to the miscellaneous section as it does not pertain to the 717 directly.  However, I figured more people would get involved if I just placed this topic here since we are waiting on the 717 anyways......(Maybe the mods will give us a break just this once :D )

With that being said, which plane is holding you over until the next update release?

I'll start, I was (and still am) pleasantly surprised by just how good the flysimware Learjet 35a is.  In my opinion it is by far the best business jet released for the FSX/P3D......ever.  It flys like nothing else in my hangar and demands your utmost attention at all times.  However, boy will she reward you With her awesome performance when you fly her right!!! With several third party weather radars and f1 GTN 750 (single or dual) integration along with awesome immersion such as rain effect on the windshield.....i think she will soon be a multi award winning simulation for sure.....

So what's your go to aircraft while we wait for the Phoenix that is the tfdi 717???  Also tell us what it is that makes it such a special aircraft for you......and go!

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Mostly the PMDG 777 and Aerosoft busses. Sometimes I also take out the aging, but always amazing, Leo Maddog.

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