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Too Touchy by half.

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I have finally worked out how to make complete flights in the B717.  The first and last word is CAREFULLY.

Fly only in VC mode.  Somehow or other view changes must be made robust.  The near certainty of a CTD is very off-putting. Flying a route completely within a flightdeck is the sort of thing a RW pilot is used to, but even then they can crane and peer over glareshield and side windows to look at a POI on the ground.

Be meticulous on entering autoflight. Make sure you have engaged Nav or HDG before engaging the autopilot,  otherwise the spiral of death takes over.

Appr/Land on my rig can only be used if the landing is via ILS.  I found RNAV does not engage or VOR approaches (although this may be something I need to learn).

Do not leave hardware throttles full forward on descent, bring them back to idle to avoid the unpleasant bug where the engines keep delivering full power even if the gauges say the opposite.

It still has a tendency to occasionally CTD if you change airports or similar, so take care and hold your breath.

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