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Pre-Purchase Questions

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I am thinking of acquiring SmartCars for our VA but we're not a typical VA, so we won't be using phpVMS.

  • Is this a problem as your ACARS seems to be built for this product ?
  • I am also going to built our own scripts around your product, is it possible ?
  • Are you giving us all the documentation for your product to talk to our scripts ?

I am also going to develop on a temporary domain.

  • Will I be able to change the airline name without troubles if for some reason we need to change it ?

Thank you for your answers.



EDIT: Just found the ticket system for sales. Asking the question there.

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My answers are inline.

  • No, our simply is configured by default for phpVMS
  • This answers both questions - our web scripts are set up in an extremely modular way and built to be customized. There are framework functions smartCARS will call with all required information that you can easily convert to custom database formats and systems.
  • Changing airline URL/options can be done in real time via our customization panel and an airline name change is done simply with a support ticket/email to us.

I'm not sure if you already sent in the ticket, but I'll still leave this here for anyone else with similar questions.

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