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Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

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I have uploaded the take-off performance figures into my database and prepared a simple website to calculate flex temperatures. Haven't had much time to test it, but if somebody wants to give it a go, feel free. Enter the ICAO code, runway heading and length. Click on initialise - this will download the metar and calculate headwind component as well as pressure altitude. Enter your Actual Take-off Weight, and if derated take-off is possible, it will offer the maximum Flex.
Flaps 13 only, and 18.5 engine rating (the higher variant is coming shortly, and engine anti-ice on calculations as well). Unfortunately I don't have data for other flaps settings than 13 degrees.

This tool can be found on www.wabpro.eu

Let me know if something doesn't look alright, it doesn't calculate, or if you overrun the runway :)




Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 19.44.01.png

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There was an issue with the calculation getting stuck when the OAT wasn't a round number but had decimals. I have fixed that. 

Also, in a couple of days I am adding a new page to calculate ZFW CG and also to show MAC envelope.

If you have any ideas what might be helpful, just let me know and I will include.


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.54.39.png

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