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Runway selection problem


I updated the 717 to its latest released version yesterday and I did a flight in it.

Before the latest update the plane, on ap with nav mode on, would turn off course immediately when a runway was selected.

Now what it does is instead of turning off course when a runway is selected and inserted into the flightplan, the MCDU causes a break in the flightplan between the waypoint you are flying to and the waypoint thereafter. On the nav display, the moment a runway is selected, the navigation magenta line between those 2 points are immediately erased.  I forgot to take a screenshot - flying on VATSIM.

In other words if you are looking at waypoints A to B to C, A to B is the leg you are currently on. When a runway is selected the line between B and C is instantly gone. The MCDU shows a discontinuity between B and C.

This happened when I was at least 200 nm away from destination and still at cruise altitude.

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