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Hey Tfdi,

I have a small feature-request:

Would it be possible, to implement stopover landings?

The actual state is, that the log with a stopover looks as follows:

smartCARS version, 2018.8.26 UTC
[17:24:03] Preflight started, flying offline
[17:24:03] Flying A2A Piper PA-24-250 Comanche N822JH
[17:27:01] Engine 1 is on
[17:30:07] Pushing back with 81 kg of fuel
[17:30:48] Taxiing to runway
[17:35:17] Taking off
[17:35:26] Climbing, pitch: 6, roll: 1 degrees right, 81 kts
[17:35:26] Cruising at 2000ft, pitch: 6, 81 kts
[17:35:35] Gear lever raised at 60 ft at 92 kts
[18:20:06] Descending early, distance: 73 nm
[18:20:06] Approaching early
[18:20:07] Early final approach, 134 kts
[18:22:06] Gear lever lowered at 475 ft at 89 kts
[18:25:06] Touched down at -102 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 1, roll: 2 degrees left, 81 kts
[18:25:06] On the ground 66 nm from the planned arrival airfield
[18:25:24] Landed in 1978 ft, fuel: 50 kg, weight: 984 kg
[18:25:24] Taxiing to gate
[18:26:20] The flight may now be ended
[18:26:20] Arrived, flight duration: 00:56
[18:27:55] Engine 1 is off
[18:28:32] Engine 1 is on
[18:58:26] Gear lever raised at 4320 ft at 120 kts
[19:06:03] Gear lever lowered at 1015 ft at 104 kts
[19:12:15] Engine 1 is off

As you can see, the takeoff and the landing after the stopover is not more reported in the log.

I think, it should be easy, to enable the logging after the stopover.



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I know this an old post. The reason I am looking on the forums is for any support on stop-overs. This would be a plus. Any news on this feature?

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