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Dear pilots,

I post this message in order to bring multi-crew in the front line of simulation... in fact, it is sooooo difficult to find people who are interested to do multicrew as real as it gets that I think there is a misunderstood somewhere. First, some people are still confusing Captain (as a pilot) and First Officer (as copilot)... but there is not a pilot and a copilot... there is 2 pilots, one who is Captain. A captain is not flying the aircraft alone, and a First Officer is not assisting captain to fly... role can be reversed, it called PF (Pilot Flying) and PNF (Pilot non-flying).

I am sure pro simmer can bring them self to the next level of simulation by learning HOW TO DEAL WITH A CREW... it calls CRM (Crew Ressource Management); briefing, decisions (by the 2 pilots, not 1), tasks, checklist (of course), ATC, cabin... when flying alone, the problem is that I saw so many of simulation guys who know the B737, the B717 or the A320 by heart but they are unable to speak and work with a second pilot. When you are two, you must announce, explain, brief and debrief all that you are doing. For example, ATC calls us "Volotea 25PR climb FL150", as Captain non-flying, I set FL150 in MCP and announce to my First Officer "Flight Level 150 set", he answers "checked". So many things that we can do now we the shared cockpit option and it is sooo sad that nobody cares about it.

Please let me know here if anybody is interested in few multicrew legs. Cheers.

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I feel you bro...


No simmer seems to care about procedures and checklists these days. I might have some time to spare over the next few days, we might be able to do a few flights.


About multi-crew issues...that problem can be seen in real life as well, when flight students transition from their single pilot CPL or PPL phase to the MCC courses.

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