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Volotea TFS-TLS

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21° and a strong wind from the east on this 3:24 flight from Tenerife to Toulouse, one of the longest routes in the Volotea network. We filled in 9.900 kilograms of fuel and will board 99 passenger shortly.


Departing from runway 08, straight into the wind. Systems are all set, just waiting for final weight figures from our handling.


Ready to rumble 8)


Overflying the island of Gran Canaria on our SID


Last rays of light for today as we approach the spanish coast near Seville


Inbound Toulouse, coming in from the alps on our STAR towards the initial approach for runway 32R


Helping her catching the loc


Autopilot off, what a nice feeling to handfly!


Last flight of the day for EI-EXI


Anyone knows which engine rating Volotea's fleet has?

Kind regards




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heres a nice video of the slow spool up.    also i know volotea aquired 4 717'2 from finlands blue 1 and they have the  Rolls Royce BR715-C1-30 rated at  21,000 lbf 

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I see you using the Tablet there, I for some reason never use it. I just use charts on my iPad mini, or printed ones. I prefer a stock cockpit. :D
But it is very nice for managing the aircraft.

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