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Trueglass not in add on menu


Hey guys,

I just noticed my true glass not working the other day and so I looked into the add on menu and true glass wasn't even in there. I did a re-install on the 717 to see if that helps but no joy. The folder is in the 717 file and I see the true glass folder and .dll in the gauges folder. Any ideas what happened? It doesn't work for any other true glass add ons either like the md80 and 787.

Thank you,

Scott Erb

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Im having the same issue but my topic hasn't been approved so I'll tag along on your post. 

Text my my question: 


After flying into a few rain storms, i've noticed trueglass has stopped working. I'm using Active Sky next, but even when using default Wx, no rain shows. The only recent changes include updating Active Sky and the 717 to TrueGlass is also not working on my QW787, MadDogX, or Aerosoft Airbus Pro.    


Win7 Pro 

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060 

P3D V4.3

Wx Engine:

ActiveSky Next p34V4

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