Boeing 717-23S Volotea "Marco Volo" (Circa 2019) EC-MGT

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Hi all,

I've uploaded my rendition of Volotea's "Marco Volo" EC-MGT to the forums and am just awaiting approval from the TFDi team before she'll be available for download.  This one took a considerable amount of time and frustration to do due to the geometry on the rear fuselage and getting everything to line up with the IRL aircraft was a real challenge but I think this is about as close as I can get it.  Some creative liberties were taken but all in all I think she turned out well!

I purposely decided on this registration because the IRL aircraft also features brow windows above the cockpit.  

Features include:

  • Accurate geometry of the livery squares on the rear fuselage to line up with all fuselage elements (engine pylons, tail, rudder, APU exhausts, etc).  Well, at least as accurate as I could get it without distorting the square geometry too much 😉
  • Spanish/English decals where appropriate
  • Accurate fonts used throughout
  • Added decals on left lower nose to reflect the real aircraft
  • Updated night textures to reduce the washed out lighting effects of the default TFDi 717s
  • 32-bit 4K textures for sharp definition (pre-P3Dv4 users should be aware of potential OOMs)




Enjoy your Euro hops in the 717!



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Cheers guys!

Still awaiting approval so she's not available yet.  I may do a Delta at some point but at the moment I'm working on another operator's livery 😎

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