Boeing 717-2CM Hawaiian Airlines (Circa 2019) N490HA

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I've started work on another challenging livery.  I'm not sure why I do this to myself but I do!  A very, very early WIP.  The source material for the new livery on the 717 is pretty scarce so I'm hoping I can figure out how the hidden parts of the paint that aren't obvious in photos are placed.  To add insult to injury some of the registrations in the fleet with the new livery have slight variations between how the livery is applied to them!  I'm working on N490HA which has cockpit brow windows.

Don't expect this one anytime soon 😝  I'll update this post as I make further progress (or hit walls and/or creativity block).




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Thanks all!  Progress is painstakingly slow but I'm getting there! 😎 The biggest challenge will be to get the grey maile lei correct on the top and belly of the fuselage.  Here is a little sneak preview.  I've cropped it to filter out all the incomplete bits :ninja:



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Hey! I was curious if there will be an option to add a texture to make the eyebrows to disappear if you knew of any. Not at all demanding nor asking for it but was just curious if you thought of doing it.



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