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My 717 finally runs flawless ! I love it ! FPS is so good. Flight dynamics are good . U guys HAVE to make a MD-11 with the 717 performance of the VC and exterior . It would sell so much. I miss my pmdg md-11 . Only thing is the tail logo light is very faint blurry like fs2004 texture. It needs to be updated cuz u can barely see the airliner logo. Other than that please make a MD-11 

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Thats good to hear. Could You retrace what solved the CTD finally You had half a year ago?

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I honestly don't know. I did a 100% uninstall of P3d v4.3 and installed V4.4. I then updated ALL drivers , sound, chipset, graphics, SSD, mouse, yoke, wireless keyboard, Motherboard, wireless internet. Updated my Orbx products, reinstalled my PTA shaders , Updated tfdi 717 to most recent version. Also I uninstalled Bonjour which was on my Programs Installed onto PC. I think it runs Apple iTunes but it was causing me to have CTD when I was getting them with the 717. I was seeing info in the Event viewer and it was linked to Bonjour. I uninstalled Bonjour. Ive flown 5 flights with 717 and no CTD. Did:







NO CTD.....I will keep evaluating but so far so good. I love the FPS now. TFDI needs to make MD-11 like will sell like crazy. I will be first to buy. Miss my PMDG MD-11


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