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Hello Tfdi, Great Airplane.

I have not idea what the go around procedure is for a 717 due to limited resources but from watching some YouTube videos I have come to some conclusions. So first of all on approach the automatic thrust limiter shouldn't be at cruise limit (CRZ LIM) it should be at Climb limit or climb 2 limit (CLB LIM/CLB 2 LIM) probably just incase that the airplane needs to climb again without going into go around mode. In the videos I watched it was in the MAGENTA color so I can tell the airplane did that automatically and not the pilots in the thrust limit page. Secondly, the pilot not only needs to select a missed approach altitude but also a missed approach speed, which I assume is the minimum clean or slate retraction speed however this cannot be done in the TFDI model. There also needs to be a transparent magenta speed dot on the selected missed approach speed while remaining in FMS SPD mode(in another video it was a transparent white speed bug but the hollow or transparent magenta dot makes more sense because that means that speed will be selected automatically I assume after the airplane has passed the acceleration speed selected in the FMS) . Thirdly in the TFDI 717 the Airplane fails to go into CLB LIM when reaching the selected thrust reduction height in the FMS. 


Let me know what you guys think ! thank you and here is a link. 

In the video above at 01:30 minutes you can clearly see CLB 2 LIM in the center left screen and then right after you can see him set the missed approach speed after pounding the FMS SPD button. 

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TFDI can I get a reply? Even though you're normal flight is pretty spot on and I cant complain, the go around is very important especially when flying on Vatsim during a Friday night op.

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Once on FMS speed you can push in the speed knob and preselect a speed. Haven't got P3D installed right now so can't cross-check but I think the FMS speed not working properly on approach was fixed in the last update. Anyway the GA procedure is as follows: 



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