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N1 During Start-up

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I was speaking with a friend of mine, a former 717 Pilot.  In asking about the auto-start sequence of the 717, he referenced that their SOP was not to use the auto-start because the engines on the 717 are susceptible to tail pipe fires.  Their procedure was to wait until N1 spool up was indicated and then add fuel.  He said, at times, this could take upwards of a minute to happen.  Finding this interesting, I went to perform the same procedure in the sim, but noticed the N1 doesn't indicate all in the simulation prior to adding fuel.  Only after fuel has been added does this happen and the N1 comes alive with 4.7 to 5.0 as the first indication we see.  I just wanted to bring this up, as its something I would have NEVER noticed had I not been informed about this specific start-up procedure.  Maybe a look at the N1 spool up in the next bug fix.  Thank you for this awesome plane!!

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