A verry great Tool, but little things waiting for!

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First of all: finally! After years of waiting for FSPassangers P3dv4 to become capable, the gap is now closed for me! Goodbye FSPax !!

I find Pacx very ingenious and the use is innovative, although I already miss a documentaion or a small manual! But there are, some have already written here, but little things that irritate or disturb me:

1.) Welcome already during the boarding?

2nd) I miss a button where I can actively initiate the bording or initiate! The same for deborading.

3.) An ad in the display about the progression of boarding or deboarding would be nice!

4.) A takeover of the flight plan from e.g. Simbrief would be great or upload in the usual formats (.pln, rte etc.)

Otherwise: Top! And thank you! Keep it up!

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Hey! Great to see you enjoying PACX.

1) This has been mentioned by several people and we will look at this shortly.

2) A physical button could certainly be a good idea to initiate the different phases for sure.

3) For progression, the flight info tab will tell you how long you have left until departure in a countdown timer.

4) We did talk about this, but PACX is only for the Passenger and Crew Experience, not a replacement for a flight tracker (as that is what smartCARS is for). PACX is designed just to give an output of everything that the software did during the flight.


@turbofandude - 1 and 2 are good suggestions :)

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The welcome message has been delayed further in the next update to avoid the instant greeting. Regarding starting boarding, the intent is to start PACX when boarding begins. For 3, you can request this information via the "Boarding Status Check" interaction. Regarding flight plan support, we can see about supporting these formats.

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