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After 10 hours of flying, a few things I feel are missing/should be added


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I've done a couple of flights now with PACX, three on stream (two complete, a go-around, one attempt failed caused by an N1 engine issue not generating power so had to abort and return to gate with disgruntled passengers 😌) and a fair few more off-camera and while bug hunting (this is an Early Access don't forget, so a few helpful pointers will go a long way!). I've noticed a few features that are only half-baked or seeminly missing, and so will list them down below what I feel should be added in the next coming weeks.

My first pet peeve is the fact that whenever I record my voice when speaking to passengers, the recording seems to cut off around 20 seconds after start. That has led to a couple of times where I'm mid-sentence talking to myself about the progress of the flight then only half of what I say is returned. If the threshold would be extended to 30-40 seconds (even unlimited), then that would certainly give us more of a chance to get fully immersed in the situation.

Right now, the flight stats page is bare and doesn't show much about your current passengers collectively. It would be nice to see a few more stats on here, such as collective thirst and hunger as well as stats about seatbelts and boarding numbers. I'll be comparing this a lot to FSPassengers, but FsP is certainly the peak when it comes to flight simulator passenger simulation. The FsP blue box told you everything from how many passengers are wearing seatbelts, to the overall mood in the cabin from satisfaction out of 100% to hunger and thirst. The menu has plenty of space even without a scroll, filling it would certainly add to the appeal.

Giving us the opportunity to feed and thirst passengers would certainly be a bonus. Either automatic soon after departure (15,000ft?) or set manually, passengers may now get the full in-flight experience. They do complain about being parched in the end-of-flight report, so being able to counteract this would help (especially when flying long haul!).

Seeing more details about passengers and giving them more life would also not go amiss. Flying at midnight, certainly you'd expect to see some passengers more tired than in the daytime. Also being able to see if they have seatbelts on or off and potentially standing (toilet) or seated would also add a little extra to the cabin life. Right now seatbelts seem to have no effect on your flight, so a more dynamic approach would again bring this add-on to life. (FSPassengers, turning off seatbelts then flying inverted, it would know to severely injure some passengers who fell out of their seats, or give minor injuries during unexpected heavy turbulence, giving you the option to divert for medical reasons.)

I'd also certainly like to see more communication options from the flight deck to passengers. When at top of descent, usually you'll hear the from the flight deck updates about the weather at your destination as well as the estimated time until landing before the cabin crew prepared the cabin for landing with the seatbelt sign turning on. This could be a way to add relief to the cabin that they are soon about to land. Another communication point could also be 'cabin safety' so a quick one to announce 'Arm doors and cross check, Cabin Crew be seated for takeoff, 10 minutes to landing, Cabin Crew be seated for landing & Disarm doors and cross check). This could then lead to full flight attendant simulation too, which along with serving food and drinks would give them a bit more life wandering around the cabin.

smartCARS was also made by TFDi Design, so an email report would not be too difficult to implement as both tools record your flight stats and numbers. The report would be similar to the VAMSYS emails we get, as well as a link that opens the end of flight report from the server. An opt-out option for those who don't want it too, just in case.

That's about it for features I'd like to see added to PACX. If you're interested in checking out my streams, you can view these below.



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I second the suggestions here above, these would really be great! Another one: during boarding, just like what happens in the FSLabs Airbus, you could repeat the cabin crew announcement telling the passengers welcome aboard saying 'For the passengers that have just joined us, a warm welcome aboard, please make your way to your seats and take care .....'. 

Really looking forward to flight number and destination announcement too! By the way if you do have the recordings for the flight numbers, then maybe you could easily add the 'local time is ....' announcement in the welcome to your destination announcement?

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