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Hi there,

So today I bought PACX, but I'm still figuring out how everything works. But I got a few issues or things I don't understand.

1. When telling them the seatbelts are off they make the announcement, but right after they tell it's on again, which is isn't. (PMDG 777)

2. Interacting doesn't play any sounds, I don't even get the message that it's listening, or does it work in anthoer way?

3. How does PACX work with GSX, because I've GSX for boarding, but don't know the exact times it takes to board.

4. Key binding don't work properly.


Thanks for reading!

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Making my second problem more clear

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First off, thank you for the support! I've answered your questions below.

  1. When this happens, it is likely because the aircraft is conflicting with PACX. In that case, use the in-sim controls for seatbelt sign control and PACX will honor it. That option in PACX is only a backup for aircraft that do not properly export their cabin sign information.
  2. Can you clarify exactly what you mean? Some announcements do not play sounds directly (some do).
  3. PACX currently writes the number of passengers boarding to GSX. We are looking to expand and improve that integration.
  4. The current key bindings are somewhat limited and we will be improving them.


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