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PACX bugs and Accessibility

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Hello everyone,


I enjoy the varied announcements of PACX, but due to the accessibility issues I'm about to describe below and also show it in a video, that's about the only enjoyment I could get out of it. There's also some bugs I'll report with that that may or may not have been fixed by now.


Since I don't have GSX installed at the moment, I wish that boarding/deboarding had some sounds to it, other than absolute silence. Even then, since GSX simulates its own boarding it might look weird as they'll be off-sync with each other.


The first accessibility issue to contend with the unlabeled edit areas for the start flight dialog. Tabbing to each element says "edit", and that's not very helpful. While not necessarily a deal-breaker, labeling everything would help improve overall accessibility.


Next, every drop-down in PACX screen readers will skip over when tabbed to in the normal way. Drop-downs in settings,  the passenger and crew menu, and selecting an aircraft are like this. I have to use my screen readers mouse commands to click into them, and it is inconsistent. This is, by far, the biggest issue. Tabbing to these should read the dropdowns like a checkbox or button.



I'm also not sure what to make the vocal interaction hotkey. I need to make it so that it doesn't interfere with sim commands and my screen reader. I made it F12 but that's a sim command. Anybody have any suggestions on this? Curious what you all have yours set to.


I suppose the interface in general needs to be polished in terms of screen reader accessibility. For example, those of us using screen readers can only see the names of passengers boarding. We can't see ages, reason for travelling, and whatever else we're supposed to see.


Just two bugs to report regarding announcements. Namely, where is the announcement for reaching top of climb and top of descent? I got a 10000 FT final approach descent announcement, but I'm sure one is made on TOC and TOD too.


And now... the video featuring a PACX flight, accessibility issues and all. PACX wasn't the only thing I focused on though so its a little ways in the video.




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