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Flight times

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Hi Guys,

Really great product so far.

Only bit I have a slight issue with is the flight time logic. Any reason you didnt just go off and on block time? Can be a bit frustrating having to factor in taxi in and taxi out times and also causes some unrealistic delays. For example, you could end up late landing in somewhere like EHAM but get a lucky runway and save yourself a 20 minute taxi.

Other than this, great product, looking foward to having some of the incidents :)



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We went this route as it is more realistic to what a passenger would expect. In a regular flight, passengers won't care about the off-ground time, they care how long until they depart. The flight time is given as it is easier to calculate than legitimate time, as the simulators often vary heavily from real world time. This would cause a lot of incorrect times and botched reports.  We also wanted passengers that didn't magically forgive all ground-delays because the flight hadn't "started" yet. It's a difficult problem to solve realistically without imposing restrictions on the user.

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