Both early and late / change pilot name?

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On my last flight, I was about 8 minutes early. However, for whatever reason, some pax complained that the flight was delayed, while others were happy that the flight was early. The flight can be viewed at


I used the following flight configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Aircraft>Avro RJ 100</Aircraft>
    <FlightNumber>AME 24</FlightNumber>

Remark: I added an entry for the Avro RJ to airplanes.xml and left about 10 minutes early (and announced it).

On another note: is it possible to change the pilot name?



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Did you actually have a delay at all during the flight? Can you send me the PACX log from %localappdata%\PACX? Regarding the name, it's linked to the account PACX is under on our main website. This helps with validity for verification purposes (should you use it to submit it to a virtual airline, etc.).

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