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I just wanted to ask a quick question in regards to Pac X. I have been enjoying the product so far. My question is though, is there a setting where you can have the AI pilot speak to the passengers when you as the pilot doesn't quite want to talk using the microphone? Also when I have been getting ready to depart and I make the welcome aboard announcement, PAC X seems to pick it up that I said the flight will be delayed for an unspecified reason and the passengers begin to get deboarded. Not quite sure why that is. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. 


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@aviation_nerd We will be adding logging of what the vocal recognition engine is hearing when it listens to help us refine it and the key phrases. We've noticed it is somethings dead on and sometimes way off, so we're trying to reign it in. Regarding the announcements, this is a request we've had a few times and it is on the list for us.

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