CTD via changing views.

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That s a very big issue. In the past I had very few CTD with 717, now it s not possible to fly with this acft. One CTD each 2/3 flights. Hope to solve this very soon. Im my opinion this is one of the best p3d add on. I believe on Tfdi team, they will fix this soon, I m sure.

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As a little update - my team and I have been able to pinpoint the source of the issue. Until I confirm (we need to do hours of test flights) I'm going to refrain from talking about what it is, just in case there is a small percentage of error on our part (and cause unnecessary excitement). 

Rest assured, we have found something, and something has been done to correct it. 

I ask the Closed Beta Team to also refrain from talking about this until we can confirm. I'll let you know on Discord, don't worry, you'll know when you can talk about it :) 

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