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Good morning, sir:

When in settings I click on "Activate Vocal Imput" the place responds with a "Waiting...", where it stays permanently without taking a step forward.

Whenever I use the PACX panel, the simulation is suspended, and only resumes by clicking on the screen, even though I have deactivated the P3D task pause box.

I would also like to suggest to the developers the idea that the different possible phases of the development of a flight, such as boarding or disembarkation, could be shown at the top of the screen, and thus avoid the user having to enter the PAXC panel, to know in which stage is the corresponding phase.  Of course, the idea does not include the elimination of the notice in written form in the panel that is currently used.   

Thank you very much for your support, and peace of mind.
Happy Sunday rest

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Yeah, that would be a big improvement. I say it from the practical point of view, of course, because I of informatica do not know anything, and to ask or to judge when a matter is unknown is sometimes a little reckless. Perhaps it would be simpler or faster for the user and lighter for the PACX, to read and listen to the development messages of the various phases of a flight than to enter to look at what the command panel tells us.

A greeting

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