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I have a suggestion that would certinaly enhance the experience via announcements that can be used for specific types of airlines.

For example:

LCC - Announcmeents that would lead to inflight sales of food, drinks and onboard shops e.g Ryanair, easyJet, Thomson Airways

Regional - which would offer drinks and snack services e.g Royal Air Maroc

Full service - Which woffer complimentary meals usually economy choice of 2 alongside business class options

Semi service - such as Finnair that would have full business class features but for economy class sales of drinks and food


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This is something we could do down the line, absolutely. Currently, the announcements are vague enough to be correct but also actually explain what it is (i.e. it just says meal service, doesn't mention price, etc.).

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Yehh 😅


Also not sure about ither LCC airliners but Ryanair, easyJet, Thomas Cook and TUI all make an announcement about scratch cards and mention of their onboard boutique such as perfume tobacco etc maybe that can be added during mid flight 😛

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