Couple of suggestions/Unas sugerencias

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Hello, first of all I would like to tell you that PACX has improved a lot. Good job!

Now a couple of suggestions:

1.- If the approach can have sounds of ambience, why not give the same possibility to the landing (deboarding) ?

2.- I think that a cabin announcement of welcome to your destination and thanks for flying on our airline, accompanied by the sound of simulated passenger disembarkation, would intensify the sensations of realism.  

3.-What is the possibility that some cabin warnings, previously selected and programmed by the PACX creators, may be issued by default or at the user's choice. Examples, simply examples:

Insured cabin

"We close doors and build ramps."

"Cabin crew, please proceed to your seats for take-off."

 Fasten your seat belts

 We are going to go through a turbulence zone that does not affect the safety of our flight.

Descent - Before or during the descent, the captain will generally make an announcement with information about the destination airport.

Sterile cabin - procedures in which cabin crew members, commander and co-pilot must devote themselves exclusively to functions aimed at ensuring flight safety, and therefore are not permitted to perform any other activity unrelated to the flight as they run the risk that critical information may be misinterpreted or lost.

This period includes the running-in and take-off phases up to 10,000 feet and landing and flight operations below 10,000 feet. During this period, pilots may not have conversations about matters that do not affect operational safety or engage in any other activity that may lead to loss of concentration.


.-7500.- indicates that the aircraft has been hijacked
.-7600.-aircraft radio is experiencing some problem
.-7700.-General emergency warning.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday - When the aircraft is at a low altitude and has one or more uncontrolled engines that must be turned off to avoid a possible catastrophe in flight, damage to the fuselage or problems in flight controls, that is to say an event in which some life could be lost.

Panpan, panpan, panpan.- This is a situation that is originated but, so far is not a danger that threatens the lives of passengers or crew.

4.- What possibility there is to create a subforum for Spanish speakers is that not all air simulation lovers speak English.

Well, once again congratulations for the good work and the precise choice of objectives.  

Greetings, and thank you

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We have quiet a few items on the list already, so I cannot make any promises, but we will continue improving the product and adding as many features as possible. Thank you for the input!

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The important thing is that there is diligence and willingness to do things right, which indicates that you are on the right track.


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