Upcoming: In-Sim Messages and PACXBridgeXP

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Per the request of several users, we've added the ability to have in-sim messages from PACX. This helps to avoid missing important announcements. A demo is below.


This is an optional feature, of course. While we were creating this, it felt wrong to offer it only to FSX/P3D users. So, it was with that in-mind that we created PACXBridgeXP. This currently brings the menu interaction and in-sim messages to X-Plane, with more native aircraft support on the horizon.


We created a message display system using the X-Plane widget system that replicates the SimConnect text.


We'll also be adding some other new features and fixes in the upcoming update.

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Your definition of "soon" seems different from the rest of the world ;).. may i suggest in the hope of it affecting users/potiential buyers.. do it the german way... set a "realistic" date a little bit further away than what you think you would release and then "suprise" everyone with an "early release" ;)...

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