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Unable to Install: Switched from FSXSE to P3Dv4



I recently uninstalled FSX-SE from my PC that had been running the 717 well since my purchase at release. Just a week ago, I switched to P3D and after getting the sim ready tried to install the 717 from the addon manager. When I select P3D as my installation sim (for some reason, FSX-SE isn't greyed out as an option to install into) and begin the installation, the addon manager throws up an error with the following header: 

"System.IO.InvalidDataException: Number of Entries expected in End of Central Directory does not correspond to number of entries in Central Directory"

This is followed by a series of additional lines - I am attaching a screenshot below. 

It is also worth noting that the download manager hardly spent any time downloading the aircraft - the process was completed in nearly 10 seconds with the installer quickly going through the files, which to me is highly unusual because I uninstalled the 717 before uninstalling FSX SE. 

I have also tried updating, redownloading and reinstalling the addon manager although I get receive the same error despite an up to date version and even a fresh install. 

My apologies if this is a duplicate thread about an issue that has already been resolved. I did run a search through the forums with some keywords from the error message and could not find any issue resembling the error message I'm receiving.


Thank You!


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19 hours ago, turbofandude said:

Please try deleting %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\Configuration. and trying again.

Thanks a lot, that fixed it!

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Sorry to hijack this thread. but it's happening to me too, and the deletion of the aforementioned file doesn't work? 

tho comparing my error and the one above, actually they could be totally different. 

Happy to repost if required. 



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