Cannot open PACX during flight

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I purchased PACX today and I am impressed.On my first flight,I got all the audio one would expect on a normal flight,but I have 1 problem:

During the flight,I am unable to open the PACX main interface.I checked and the PACXBridge is installed in the simulator,I have a small

green PACX applet on my taskbar,but clicking on either of those during flight does nothing.After the flight was finished I got no report.

I am running P3Dv4.5 and am flying the TFDi 717.Concurrently with P3D,I was running Pro-ATC X,Active Sky and GSX and Trafic 360.

I have ORBX global and vector installed

I have a Windows 10 installation 64-bit,an Intel Core i7 CPU @3.5 Ghz 32.0 GB ram and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 680.

Any suggestions?

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I think I solved the issue:for some reason my appdata folder was hidden.I noticed in the log that PACX could not find the PACX folder in appdata.By unhiding the appdata file,

things seem to be allright now.

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So we can understand the issue, did you have PACX already loaded up before the flight and we’re unable to reopen the window during your flight, or did you want to start PACX mid flight?

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