TFDi 717 in VR with the HP Reverb

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Recently I bought the TFDi-717 for P3Dv4.x after experimenting with it in Flyinside VR 6.x where it is a default plane and I am very happy with these little bird and want to make my compliments to TFDi for these excellent plane. A friend of my told me that he had the older version and that there were a lot of bugs (including the Real Light Performance Bug) but after reading about a lot of bugfixes in the latest version,  I decided to make the jump. Well, a lot of bugs where fixed indeed BUT the real light bug is still there. In 2D on the Computer screen,  it's not a big or noticeable issue but in VR, it's completely destroying the performance... It is already very hard to trim my rig for using the 4K HighRes Reverb VR headset with a lot of sacrifices (Ohh boy, the 717 in Flyinside is running in VR with 90 fps) but in P3D I am glad to reach 30 fps and yes, it is still possible with these little airliner. but there comes the big BUT again, without any lights on.... as soon as I do the " ready to fly) on the tablet or manually in the Cockpit Prep,  It's falling back to 7... and have to switch ALL the lights, including the NAV's off to recover back for flying. 

I am glad that I can put off the Real Glass now in the setup manager to save some performance but maybe it's a good idea to do the same with Real Light in future releases or fix the bug in another way. The Maddog MD8.x 64bit version has also Real Light and I can use it in VR and no problem at all. 

Just my 2 cents....

Happy landings... (in these situation without any (landing) lights)  

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