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Two Suggestions

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1, please add the 737 originals. I added them myself but they really should be in there by default. I even mentioned the 737 originals when I suggested retro aircraft. Was disappointed to see they weren't added.

2, also, make the boarding music pause during announcements. And make it last until takeoff. In real life it pauses during announcements and the airlines I've ridden on have it play until take off. it also plays after landing and continues until the plane is at the gate.


I'm loving PacX. the latest update is awesome. The specific announcements are kind of jarring but I understand why its like that.

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1.) I don't know how I missed that, I've added them to the next update.

2.) I've seen this request before - I will make sure it happens in the next update.

Regarding the sounds, they will be heavily refined for the next update. The timing/volume definitely needs some tweaking.

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