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Hello TFDI;

Firstly loving your product, thank you for all of the updates and improvements ! 

A few things: 

On the departure time: Would it be possible to please add Off-block time and Air-born time, most airlines use Off Block time for OTP (on time performance), this would be more realistic

Would love to be able to interact with crew during flight i.e. coffee....meals....etc.... something. 

Would love to see the actual ETA in the interface vs. scheduled. 

Any possibilities to include boarding "demo"announcements for major carriers? (i.e. United, Delta, Lufthansa...etc)- that would be amazing  

Thank you, 




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I can definitely add more interactions with the flight attendants in-flight to increase immersion. I can also add more time-based variables (we've gotten that request a few times, I'll see about getting it in). Regarding ETA - the reason that's hard is because we'd have to actually process the route to get an accurate ETA. Certain STARs/APPRs can add more than 10 minutes to a flight and that's enough to get complaints. I wouldn't want someone to use PACX and improperly plan the flight due to an approximate ETA.

Regarding airline names, the reason we didn't do that is to avoid any issues with copyright. We are trying to avoid "selling" recordings of an operator's name with the package. We could potentially include that particular piece of the product as a free download from our site, instead of in the application, but that isn't optimal either. It's definitely a common request but not one we have a great solution for yet, unfortunately.

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