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Server Migration

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If you are not already aware, for the past 24 hours, the team have been working hard behind the scenes to finalise setting up two brand new servers to manage all hosting accounts and activation servers and our progress can be tracked here.

We have received some tickets from customers during the past few hours regarding activation servers for all products. We are well aware of the ongoing issues and are looking into resolving those customer queries via tickets in the helpdesk.

717 Activations

These appear to now be fully functional again. If you experience any problems with the 717 activations, please create a new support ticket.

Nameservers and Hosting

All hosting accounts have been successfully migrated over to the new Xenon server. Nameservers are being propagated and will be completed within 72 hours. This is due to external factors regarding domain propagation, and is beyond our control.

In the event work/data (flights, user accounts, etc.) is submitted onto the old website and data is lost, the data can be retrieved from the previous server. You can log in to cPanel on the old server with the same credentials you use for the current one and manually export it. If you need assistance in doing this, please submit a support ticket to us and we can migrate over any additional files that may have been lost in the process. Our support team will happily oblige and transfer any lost data.

smartCARS Premium and Chat Servers

These are now both back online and fully functional.


If you experience any problems following this migration, please open a support ticket and our support team will be sure to reply to your ticket as soon as possible.

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