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Events April 16, 1867

In Millville, USA, Wilbur Wright is born. He and his brother Orville will become aviation pioneers. They will open a bicycle repair and exhibition shop that will end up being a bicycle factory with tools of their own invention. In September 1900, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, they will test a glider of their own manufacture. In 1903 they will design their first propeller. They will build a plane weighing 337 kg, which will have a 12 HP engine. Finally, on December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk, they will make the first powered flights in history. (153 years ago)


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Biography of the Wright Brothers for Children: Orville and Wilbur Wright for Kids - FreeSchool



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