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Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky or Sikorski:

Kiev, 1889 - Eaton, 1972. American nationalized Russian aeronautical engineer who successfully developed the helicopter.

Sikorsky was the first to introduce turbo engines in helicopters, amphibious helicopters with retractable trains and "flying cranes". In 1967, Sikorsky's S-61 flies over and crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Three years later 1970, the S-65 crosses the Pacific Ocean (both flights were carried out with air refuelling).

Proud of his invention, which he claimed to have built as a powerful tool for industry and transport and, above all, as an effective means of rescue work for people where access is practically impossible by other means, he congratulated himself towards the end. from his career that the helicopter had saved more than 50,000 lives.







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