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PACX Feedback Update

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PACX version is here! 

In-Sim Overlay

One of the highlights of this update is the new In-Sim Overlay (HUD), as shown below:


This allows users to interact with PACX without having to leave your simulator / any sort of ALT+TAB activity.

Simulator Support

PACX is compatible with multiple simulators. With this update, we also bring native compatibility support to the newly released Prepar3D v5. 


We've revisited nearly every sound to improve volume and spacing of announcements and interactions. As well, we've improved our sound engine to further improve spacing and consistency.


Passenger Experience

A couple of passenger experience items have also been worked on. For instance, we've fixed a logic with regards to passengers not properly eating and drinking, we've fixed the sorting order of past flights, and fixed the boarding music logic. We've also corrected a variety of other issues and improved stability overall.

In addition, a new feature is the display of passenger satisfaction with a percentage. As Collin has mentioned, though we originally opted not to show the percentage, upon our review, we've found this will better help users understand how PACX works. 

Other Changes

This update also includes various other changes I haven't mentioned in this post. For a full change log, you can find that here:


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After buying this app I wanted to let you know that I'm very disappointed for the price of it is. I only really get cabin announcements and a gui that dosnt really do anything the Direct Interaction just says ok or you got it when I ask the FA something. Is there any kind of road map? and how long has it been in early access  for? I feel ripped off as you can buy self-loading cargo for half the prise and more than twice the features. You should really do a try before you buy version. This far to expensive I would ask for a refund but I understand its still in early access but it has a long way to go to worth the price tag

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