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Night lighting displays/exterior lights in v5

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Just wanted to share my experience of the 717 beta in p3d v5. The aircraft still performs well in spite of the higher VRAM usage on my system. As always it is a great bird. The one difference I have noticed primarily occurs when flying at night. I have noticed that at night the cockpit displays and the exterior lights are exceptionally bright, and the cockpit displays also seem a bit blurry. In the addon manager I have my virtual cockpit textures and display resolution both set to the highest setting, and "Ultra" texture resolution set in the p3d graphics menu. The contrast may be more pronounced as I use ENVTEX/ENVSHADE for p3d and it is very dark in my sim at night (as I prefer it to be). Any tips on helping this issue?



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Hi! I also have the same issue in v5. This is not just limited to the 717, as I experience this with other aircraft also. 

One of our users in a private Discord channel said:


Update... in searching through the fx files in Notepad, I found that some of them have multiple entries for “falloff exponent”, not just the last section. If I change all the ones that are less than 1.00 to 2.00, it is indeed much better both during the day and at night.

If you want to help test this, please join our Discord, go to #role-assign and then choose 717 Beta Tester in V5. 

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