3 bugs I noticed

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1, when I try and record my voice it says "listening" for a split second then disappears and takes me to the window that asks you to choose what type of message

2, when taxiing out at night the announcement that's supposed to say the cabin lights will be dimmed instead says something like more info can be found in the safety card. The notification is correct though. Just the announcement is wrong.


3, I was doing a flight from New York to Milan and I noticed that I saw the flight phase say "serving dinner" but there was no notification or announcement about it. The snacks and drinks service works fine. Not sure about other meals.

I noticed these problems in both the Captain Sim 767 and 777 if that matters. Haven't tried any others. I'm using Active Sky and Active Sky Cloud Art if that matters. Sceneries I used in the two times I saw it were LatinVFR KMIA and FSDT KJFK. These problems didn't occur until the most recent update.


Edit: I fixed problem 1. My headset was being stupid.

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