under wich OS will it be running ?

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   I wonder about the OS specifications required for the forth coming MD11.

As of now , many of us are still on win7 ...and in fact , if you take a look on the market ,

you will realize that there are only a few aircraft ( 3 , 4 or 5) running only on win10.

So , on a commercial point of view , do you think of a Minimum  OS specification , meaning win7 compatibility  ?

For me , rolling to win10 means a new rig ! Not really keen to do that...didn't get the advantages of win10 over win7 in regard of

the core needs of flight simulation. It costs also a lot to pay a new rig... a lot more than a Playstation or X box !

I think , it would be more cost effective for you and us (simmers) to consider compatibility with win7 as there is no true alternative actually on

the market for a true MD11.(Pmdg as left ! )

Pleassssse....i really need to fly this one on PD3V4.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Fabio,

               This is great news for the community ! Just can't wait for this to happen ☺️

Thanks Tfdi 👍👍👍👍


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