under wich OS will it be running ?

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   I wonder about the OS specifications required for the forth coming MD11.

As of now , many of us are still on win7 ...and in fact , if you take a look on the market ,

you will realize that there are only a few aircraft ( 3 , 4 or 5) running only on win10.

So , on a commercial point of view , do you think of a Minimum  OS specification , meaning win7 compatibility  ?

For me , rolling to win10 means a new rig ! Not really keen to do that...didn't get the advantages of win10 over win7 in regard of

the core needs of flight simulation. It costs also a lot to pay a new rig... a lot more than a Playstation or X box !

I think , it would be more cost effective for you and us (simmers) to consider compatibility with win7 as there is no true alternative actually on

the market for a true MD11.(Pmdg as left ! )

Pleassssse....i really need to fly this one on PD3V4.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi doorstep,

                    To me , MS2020 is a great PR so far...as of now, i didn't saw a single video showing

something outside the oldest clichés of fsx at that time, like big cities in asia, africa, asia....

It's only more candy and enjoying all the advances made by others ( P3D, XP,64 bits executable, AS,REX, ORBX, UT, LIVE, GSX L2,....)...and , i admit , a kind of a plus.

If you are very critical, you will understand that the product doesn't seems to be ready for market.

As simmers , of course, we certainly enjoy the move made by MS2020...but it introduces a huge change !

I still have the bad taste of FSX : we were left alone by MSFS only after 3 years !

So , what will happen now ? I feel like this MS2020 is primarily an XBOX project...working like a console = the purpous of the internet connection for instance.

MS2020 looks too beautiful....let's be honest , it 'll need some power, a good rig, to make it run...

For me , it's a wait and see...SO, for now , P3D 4.5 is enough and delivering everything.

Let's hope all the best for MS2020 but they need to prove us that it works !!!!

I moved from fsx to p3d when it became a 64bits platform and because i could save many of my addons in the process.

This time, no savings at all !!! the move will be expensive...so, the new product must deliver it's promises at all levels before.

It 's about the "world scenery", the airports, the planes, helicopters....

I want to see how it works before i put again thousands of cash in it !...until then , my intention is to stick with p3d 4.5

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There comes a time when you have to decide if the sim your running is adequate for your use or to spend out more and more money, everytime another flightsim surfaces.

I recall many that suffered with MS Flight before it was generally recognized as rubbish. 

No doubt Microshaft will drop out of MS2020 before it's finished. They did it for all the previous flight sims, too.

The way forward is, for me, P3D as I believe that is enough. 

I purchased all the previous PMDG 737's for every sim and refuse to pay over double the previous prices for this 'special' NGXu. They never recognised their previous customers due to their belligerent attitude  so, they have lost me.

I am looking forward to IFDi's MD11 and was so happy about their wonderful announcement. I am also hoping that It was planned for P3Dv4.5 but hope they stick to their promise. 

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